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Top 3 Tips to Design Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is not only calming and spacious but accessible all year with Georgia’s beautiful weather. What’s more, this addition allows you to bring the party outside and keep the food coming without limiting the menu to barbecue. With the outdoor living installation services from TopLine Lawncare & Landscaping, create your full-sized dream outdoor kitchen with these three vital tips in mind.

Picking Out Your Material

Many residents choose to use their indoor kitchen as inspiration. However, that doesn’t prevent others from taking this opportunity to test their creativity with an outdoor kitchen that effectively becomes an extension of your home.

When considering your design, choose the aesthetics that appeal to you when picking out your appliances, countertops, backsplash, bar stools, and other equipment. Whether you go rustic with a wood-fired oven or modern with a grill master, prioritize durability and low maintenance, given exposure to the elements. For instance, granite, tile and other hard material types are sought-after due to their weather resistance.

Adding Amenities

Like your indoor kitchen, your outdoor kitchen should have more than just a bar and stools for entertaining. That way, you won’t be running in and out of your house bringing equipment or food from one kitchen to the other. Many homeowners customize their outdoor kitchen according to their needs, which may include:

  • Built-in grills, ensuring you never go without the smoky flavor your loved ones demand during summer holidays and backyard cookouts
  • Pizza or brick ovens that give you the perfect crispy crust on family pizza night
  • Stoves and ovens that allow you to cook or reheat even the simplest of recipes without going indoors
  • Freezers, coolers, and refrigerators that keep perishable foods nearby while protecting them on blistering days
  • Sinks that help you prepare meals and wash up afterward


If you’re adding an outdoor living space with a dining area, odds are you’ll use your outdoor kitchen well into the evening. While Georgia sees a lot of sunlight, you’ll need outdoor lighting for optimal functionality after the sun goes down. Consider the following options:

  • Use path lighting or floor lights to beautifully illuminate the way to your outdoor dining table, adding a celebratory feel to any occasion.
  • Consider ceiling or wall lights if your design includes a roof or plenty of wall space.
  • Utilize bar-top lighting for an overhead glow.
  • Apply under-counter or shelf lighting for a dim yet effective lighting solution for outdoor dining.

Once you choose the ideal lighting to create your perfect outdoor kitchen mood, you’ll have a high-class, elegant design that’ll draw you and your guests in every time. If you’re in western Georgia or eastern Alabama and are looking to build your dream outdoor living space complete with a kitchen, patio, fireplace, seating wall and more, contact the pros at TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping today.

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