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Outdoor Living Guide: How To Plan Your Next Project

Outdoor living is essential for any homeowner in West Georgia and eastern Alabama. With a custom-designed outdoor space, you can take full advantage of your backyard, front yard, or other outdoor space and enjoy it to the fullest.

Here are a few guidelines to use when comprising the plan for your next project.

Develop an Outdoor Living Space Design

Developing the general design and layout is the first step to outdoor living. Consider the terrain of your property and think about what you plan to do with the space; will you be relaxing, entertaining, or both?

Your design should also consider potential weather and ensure ample privacy and protection. Do you want an outdoor kitchen and a patio to gather with guests? Or do you prefer cooking and eating indoors but relaxing outside around a fireplace with ambient lighting options?

Pick the Perfect Furniture

No outdoor living space is complete without patio furniture. However, if you have limited space, it’s easy to get creative with seating options and other furniture. For example, you can opt for hammocks in a tree-filled backyard, or pick waterproof benches instead of traditional seating at the outdoor dining table.

The colors you choose will sculpt your space’s ambiance. You can choose earthy tones for a relaxing space or consider bright-colored furniture that sticks out among hardscaping for a lively outdoor entertainment area. Beyond traditional furniture, you can have a seating wall built along the edge of your paver patio that surrounds a fire pit to maximize seating capacity when guests come over.

Implement Hardscapes

Hardscape elements are crucial to outdoor living spaces. They are the foundation and focal point for the entire space, whether its pavers for the patio and outdoor kitchen, or concrete walkways that lead you to the backyard, hardscape features can be customized and tailored to match your desired style.

Plan Your Outdoor Living Area with the Professionals

Outdoor living projects require foresight and expertise in order to execute correctly, so it’s highly advantageous to hire a professional landscape contractor such as TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping to design and build your space so it will provide use for years to come. Fill out our online form today to get started.

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