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Is your yard in need of a redo? Contact the landscape removal and renovation pros at TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping today to schedule a consultation for your next project. Proudly serving residential and commercial clients in Carrollton, GA and many surrounding areas.

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Is your curb appeal in need of a refresh? Has your yard been overtaken by weeds? Are areas eroding? Or are your landscape beds overgrown and have left you overwhelmed? Whatever issue you may be facing, it can make for an aggravating situation to get your outdoor space back to its prime.

At TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping, our highly-trained team has transformed hundreds of properties throughout Carrollton, GA & surrounding communities of western Georgia and eastern Alabama by efficiently removing aged landscapes and yards, followed by installing new landscaping and turf areas, and we have created just as many thrilled clients in the process!

To get your next yard renovation project started, fill out our online form to schedule a consultation or give us a call at (678) 922-4312.

Our Landscape Renovation Process

1. Landscape/Yard Removal – Using heavy equipment to remove everything down to the top soil – old lawn, worn out landscaping, etc., all debris is hauled off site to a proper compost site.

2. Grading and Slope Correction – Once everything is removed – the first item is correcting slopes for proper drainage (if applicable)

3. Hardscape Installation – If hardscapes are going to be constructed, they are built first. This includes paver patios, walkways & driveways and boulder or block retaining walls.

4. Landscape Installation – “Softscape” elements are installed – trees and shrubs planted, mulch or pine straw, edging, etc.

5. Lawn Areas Established – Topsoil brought in (if needed) and graded out, followed by an irrigation system installation if one is not present.

6. Finishing TouchesInstalling sod to create an instant green and lush lawn.

Whether you need to refurbish your front lawn, or wish to start over with an entirely brand new landscape, our team is up for the task. Give us a call or request a quote today to get started.

Note: this process is only an example and the order of operations may differ slightly for your project.

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