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Water pooling up in your lawn? Or is it getting dangerously close to your home’s foundation? Contact the Carrollton, GA outdoor drainage experts at TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping today. Serving residential and commercial clients in west Georgia and eastern Alabama.

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Are you experiencing spongy spots or are puddles forming in your lawn or landscaping after watering? Is water running into your basement or rendering a lot of your outdoor space useless? Then you may be experiencing drainage issues.

There are several causes to a yard experiencing drainage issues, beginning with an incorrect grade in the yard, or the landscape around the foundation of your house, office building, shed or other structure directs water towards your building or house, when it should be dispersed away from structures.

Drainage issues can also occur in newly constructed buildings if the soil around the foundation was not filled in and compacted down, or has sank down unexpectedly. Our Carrollton, GA yard drainage crews are well-versed in solving drainage problems of all varieties on both residential and commercial properties.

While most landscapes are designed and built in a way that reduces or eliminates the likelihood of drainage issues, there are unfortunate circumstances where drainage issues occur and can cause big problems. The main being water damage and unresolved leakage can causing permanent destruction to your foundation.

If you’re experiencing drainage problems or water damage due to yard drainage, don’t wait to call a professional yard drainage specialist. Drainage problems can lead to irreversible damage to your home and even elements of your landscaping. We can evaluate the cause of the drainage problem and provide the best solution.

Types of Drainage Solutions We Provide in Carrollton, GA & Surrounding Areas

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