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Make watering your lawn as easy as pushing a button with help from TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping, a professional sprinkler system installation company based in Carrollton, GA.

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Few things look more beautiful on a property than a green, lush lawn. Your turf can only be as good as the irrigation system that waters it. Our irrigation professionals provide custom watering solutions for homes, HOAs, townhouse complexes, commercial properties of all sizes and more. We design our Carrollton, GA irrigation systems based upon the unique features of each property’s lawn space and surrounding structures.

We aim to exceed all your sprinkler system needs, from installing a new system, performing routine checks on an existing irrigation system, to repairing components when needed, starting up the system in the spring, and the ever popular, fall sprinkler winterization and blowout. If you need a quote for new lawn sprinklers in Carrollton, you are in the right place. We have the experience to keep your grass, trees, shrubs and flowers taken care off.

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Local Underground Sprinkler Experts

Can there be anything more annoying than spending the afternoon setting timers and alarms to walk outside in the heat and humidity to wrestle hoses around to move your sprinkler to the next lawn area that needs to be watered? Our underground lawn sprinkler system installations in Carrollton and surrounding areas will allow you to have your entire outdoor space consistently watered. Promoting a thick, lush and green lawn throughout the growing season.

Our systems are designed to efficiently water each area of your outdoor space. Including even distribution for every sprinkler head, our technicians are well versed in designing systems for all water applications, including city water, well water, and lake/river pumps.

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